Business Support: Social Media Resources

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This page has been setup to help Waterfront BID members in the wake of Covid19 and to support the surge in businesses quickly adapting to using digital methods.


We will be highlighting a series of free tips, ideas and links to guides on getting the most from social media for your business.

Updates: We are in the process of building this resource. Check back regularly for new additions.

Free Training Resources

  • The Skills Toolkit (by - Free introductory, intermediate & advanced digital and numeracy courses to build your skills. (view)

  • Facebook Blueprint (by Facebook) - Explore self-paced and step-by-step tutorials that can help you build your digital marketing knowledge and bring your business online. (view)

  • Linkedin Resources (by Linkedin) - LinkedIn resources for small businesses. Learn new business strategies. (view)

  • Google Garage (by Google) - Learn at your own pace, with flexible and personalised training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive. (view)

Social Media Guides - Basics

  • Facebook Business Hub (by Facebook) - Read up about the range of features on Facebook you can use for your business. (view)

  • Instagram Business Hub (by Facebook) - Read about the options available on Instagram for your business. (view)

  • Twitter Business Basics (by Twitter) - Use these key resources to build and strengthen your presence on the platform. (view)

  • Linkedin Business Owners Guide (by Linkedin) - The business owner’s guide to LinkedIn. (view

Useful Articles & Guides

  • Instagram for business Covid-19 (by Facebook) - If you're already established on Instagram, this guide will help with ideas. (view

  • Comprehensive beginners guide to Facebook Advertising (by Adespresso) - Bumper guide to Advertising on Facebook. (view)

  • Twitter marketing guide for business (by Hootsuite) - How to implement a highly effective Twitter marketing strategy. (view)

  • How to create a Social media posting schedule (by Hootsuite) - Having a good plan and schedule will make your content creation easier and more effective. (view)

  • Best times to post on Social Media 2020 (by Sprout Social) - A rough guide to best times to post on Social Media platforms. (view)