Plymouth Waterfront Partnership - BID Ambassador Program

Plymouth Waterfront Partnership are proud to announce the launch of the new BID Ambassador program and would like to Introduce James Bailey as our new Ambassador. The Ambassador role starts in October for an initial 6 month trial. The role will have 3 main focuses on the street including visitor welcome, BID Member Liaison and environmental intelligence reporting. Mr Bailey was in the Queens Guards for many years has since worked in security, close protection and has extensive knowledge of highways and grounds maintenance he has also been supporting BIDs for the last two years so has a wealth of experience we can use within the Waterfront BID area.

Offering the Waterfront Visitors a friendly Welcome

Liveried up to be eye catching and approachable, the Ambassador will provide a welcoming face and a roaming information service to visitors. Promoting local events, attractions, providing directions and answering any questions visitors or locals may have. The idea is that this will increase dwell time, encourage greater use of the BID area as a whole and improve perceptions of the Waterfront.

BID member liaison

A direct contact for all BID members based directly in the BID area every day. The Ambassador will be fully aware of the Business Plan and current progress of projects and be able to report in real time directly to the businesses. A quick and useful means of communication and the opportunity to be kept fully informed at regular intervals through scheduled regular visits to all BID members and areas. Also giving the opportunity for the businesses to tell the Ambassadors of any special promotion or events they have going on which they can relay to the visitors they meet.

Environmental reporting

Reporting problems, maintenance issues, safety concerns etc. directly from the street to the Council or other responsible services when an issue is identified. They will then be responsible for chasing the report through to completion. The aim is to provide a seamless joined up service to all those accountable for the BID area improving our environment.

The Ambassadors will carry a PDA device to enable them to access real time information and allows the BID to monitor what effect the Ambassador has whilst also allowing them to have access to apps, maps and other data a visitor may require.

Diane Mansell, CEO Plymouth Waterfront Partnership, said “I am really excited and passionate about the Ambassador program. I think James will make a real difference to the Waterfront and be an invaluable tool for the BID. We are currently entering a consultation process with all our Levy Payers for a new five year Business Plan so starting the Ambassador program now gives us the perfect opportunity to get out and speak with our businesses on a daily basis. “

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