Update on Covid-19 in Plymouth & Business Guidance, Toolkits

Plymouth Waterfront Partnership BID members, you may have seen the news on Tuesday 25th August, that the city is currently dealing with an outbreak of Covid-19 in Plymouth.

Details of this outbreak and the press release from Plymouth City Council is below for your information, along with guidance and support that you may find useful.

Having spoken with our colleagues in Public Health we would like to reassure you that the risks from this current outbreak are fairly contained now thanks to the swift work of the track and trace programme to identify those who need to self isolate.

However this recent outbreak does mean that strong messaging is being shared to the public to remind everyone of the importance of adhering to the guidelines in place for everyone's safety and to avoid unknowingly passing on the virus to others.

Please continue to uphold your current social distancing, track and trace and cleanliness measures to the high standards that you have been doing, and view the additional guidance below for measures and updated guidance which you may wish to implement.

If you have any concerns or queries about this current outbreak or how to best ensure the safety of your staff and customers please see: www.plymouth.gov.uk/coronaviruscovid19information/protectingplymouthcovid19

What your business can do

To ensure we're limiting risk as much as possible in Plymouth, make sure to regularly review and update your Covid-19 procedures. The guidance and toolkits below provide useful advice and measures that you can put in place to keep your staff and customers as safe as possible.

If you have concerns issues, concerns or need advice on Coronavirus please email the Public Health Team at covid19@plymouth.gov.uk or call 01752 668000.

Guidance for guests who become unwell while on holiday in England

The government has outlined advice for people who become unwell while on holiday in England:

  • Guests who develop coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms while staying in overnight accommodation should inform the accommodation provider immediately, self-isolate and request a test by calling 119 or online at nhs.uk.

  • Guests who test positive should return home as quickly and directly as possible, continuing to self-isolate until they can arrange for private transport.

  • In most cases it will not be possible to self-isolate in the holiday accommodation and guests should arrange to return home as safely and quickly as possible.

  • If the accommodation provider agrees, guests may extend their stay in order to self-isolate until they are well enough to travel. Unless otherwise provided for in contractual terms of the booking, the guest will be expected to pay the costs of an extended stay in all but exceptional circumstances.

As a reminder, here is the guidance for accommodation providers on hosting guests that have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).

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