Waterfront businesses can apply for free permits to help cafes, restaurants and pubs set up outside

After the Government announcement today of a number of changes coming up from the July 4th, including Pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants being able to reopen, a new-style outdoor drinking and dining policy is being rolled out to give a much needed boost to Plymouth’s Waterfront hospitality industry and help revive the city’s economy.

From the 4th July, Waterfront businesses will be give the opportunity to utilise space outside, where appropriate, and at no charge for table and chair permits in this financial year. What's more, there will be a speedy temporary permit process to help businesses get ready to reopen.

Patrick Knight, interim manager of Plymouth Waterfront Partnership added: “This is great news, Cafés and bars are the lifeblood of the Waterfront. We need them and right now they need you.”

Café and bars are now working to a reopening date of 4 July (It is not legal under the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) Regulations 2020 to put out tables and chairs before that date) but with social distancing measures still in place, many could find it impossible to operate unless they take outside space.

Businesses can apply for a free temporary street café permit to put tables and chairs on the pavement outside their premises and providing their application looks ok, the council will give them the green light within five days. (There will still be a formal 28 day consultation for new applicants - so that fire and police can be consulted). The new permit will last until 31 March 2021.

Those that already have a valid street café permit do not need to apply, but if they want to extend operating hours or increase the street café area they must email networkmanagement@plymouth.gov.uk with permit details and requested changes.

Businesses must also carry out and submit a risk assessment showing how they plan to follow government guidance on social distancing, including a basic site plan showing the location of furniture.

Issuing the permit will depend on how much space there is for people to be able to pass easily including people pushing prams or those in wheelchairs. The Council will monitor the scheme.

For full details please see: https://www.plymouth.gov.uk/licensingandpermits/tablesandchairspermitonpublicroadorstreet

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