Waterfront BID Members - Reopening Retail: How to help encourage customers back safely

From Monday 15th June, non-essential retailers, who are Covid-19 secure, will be able to reopen with safety measures in place.

To help attract customers, safely, think of the 'customer journey'. What steps they will take to find your business, come in and finish with a shopping item. You will want to make this experience as simple and safe as possible.

Customers will need to know about your current opening times and changes to their experience entering your shop, so please ensure:

  1. Everything is up to date on your Social Media channels & website. These are the main points your customers will be checking prior to visiting.

  2. Include a 'pinned post' (which stops it scrolling down your page) with key information for your customers.

  3. Ensure you display a Covid-19 compliance poster in your shop window / entry points, 2m distancing signs and hand sanitiser available. Show steps you have taken to be Covid-19 secure.

Things to consider:

+ Highlight changes to their experience entering your shops.

+ Highlight safety measures you have taken for customers and your staff. This will help put customers at ease and raise confidence in visiting you.

+ Current Opening times.

+ Clear instructions on how to buy items.

+ Payment methods.

+ And maybe some photos of what you offer.

A pinned post like this would help put the key information to anyone browsing your Facebook page and encourage them to visit you.

If you're not open yet, you can still have a pinned post to indicate you are closed, but tell people about the plans your making to reopen in the future. Keep them informed and when ready show off steps you have made to help regain their confidence.

+ Before a customer leaves your shop, ask them to follow your social media and leave a review/recommendation. 'Social proofing' from customers will help highlight to other people the shopping experience is an enjoyable and safe experience.

Additional Support

+ For further help with reopening, please see our toolkit and self-print posters on the Waterfront BID website: www.waterfrontbid.co.uk/reopening-to-public-safely

+ And check out our Social Media Resources section for more tips, ideas and links to guides on getting the most from social media for your business: www.waterfrontbid.co.uk/socialmediaresources

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