Plymouth Waterfront Recovery Plan

It’s clear to the PWP Board that the business impact of Covid-19 will require extraordinary measures to get the economy and our society back on its feet.

We’ve begun to think deeply about how your BID can support your business going forward. We need to support new innovations, get you access to grants, business support, enablers and advocates. We need to work with you to re-build a ‘post Covid-19’ waterfront for our business community.

We’re asking questions like ‘What will make our economy stronger and more resilient?’ and ‘How can we look not only at saving jobs, but creating jobs and driving incomes too?’ and also, just as importantly ‘What do our businesses need NOW to support them during this difficult time?’

We know that there are Waterfront businesses in crisis, unable to take product or service to market, having business plans that just 8 weeks ago were leading them to a prosperous summer. Yet we also know that although a crisis is frightening and dangerous; a crisis can also be an opportunity to build back better.

We all want to build a healthier, safer, more sustainable waterfront for everyone to enjoy. So PWP wants to offer the right support to businesses, each business, dealing with their own set of bespoke concerns, challenges and opportunities.

With this in mind, we know we must move quickly to address the severe harms Covid-19 has and will cause in the short-term; whilst also looking to the future. Crafting our response in a way that fosters sustainable economic and social benefits that will create a brighter future.

What we don’t want to do is make assumptions about the needs of our businesses, so we are keen to identify the support and advice that you, our BID members, would find most valuable by way of resources, webinars and signposting.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask you, which of the following areas would provide you with the most valuable information for surviving today and recovering tomorrow? PWP will then understand your needs better and be in a stronger place to support you.

Surviving Today:

  • What the Government are doing now

  • Current funding and grant support

  • Business rates relief

  • Bounce back/Future Fund loans

  • Company director responsibilities

  • Self-employed support

  • Employee related matters, ensuring safety and job security for staff

  • (pay, sick-pay, tax, job retention/furloughing …)

  • Insurance issues, etc,

  • Information on tenancy

  • Taking your products and services to a digital platform

  • Reopening retail & hospitality

Thriving Tomorrow:

  • Development recovery

  • Taking your product or service to a digital market

  • HR planning for the future

  • Doing business with a Cleaner agenda

  • Local procurement and how to better connect

  • Innovation and Collaboration opportunities

  • Supply chain support

  • Long term health, safety and wellbeing of staff

Please do add any areas of support that you and your business require for today, any other concerns or ideas you may have, and what you think you may need in the future. We will then create or access a suite of resources, tools, webinars and signposting to connect you to relevant support and guidance.

In addition to the above, we would urge you to view the Invest Plymouth website, where you will find news, advice and guidance as well as the Support Finder, a tool you can use to see what support you are eligible to receive.

If you haven’t already, do please sign up to receive the newsletter, this is a key mechanism for communicating with local businesses any new announcements as they are made.

Please send you needs, ideas and suggestions to Patrick Knight, Interim CEO and Waterfront Manager, Email: and he will either answer them directly, find someone who can and/or arrange an on-line workshop session to clarify, discuss and respond further on the issues and questions raised.

I hope this will prove a helpful approach to finding the best ways through and beyond where we are now and look forward to hearing from you.

Patrick Knight, Interim CEO and Waterfront Manager, PWP.


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