Reminder Social Distancing - Takeaways and Restaurants

Message from the Plymouth City Council regarding social distancing reminder for takeaways and restaurants (28th April 2020).

Thank you to all of the businesses who have continued to comply with the new restrictions due to COVID-19. We understand that this is an incredibly difficult time for you all.

We would just like to take the opportunity to remind businesses who are still operating as a takeaway to manage social distancing for takeaways and restaurants of the following;

  • Tables and chairs should be removed from the outside of your premises. Customers must be discouraged from consuming their food in the vicinity of the premises to avoid groups congregating

  • Customers should be encouraged to order online, by app or by phone

  • Where this is not possible, customers waiting to order or collect should wait in a designated area, where a 2 metre distance from others can be maintained.

  • In smaller premises where this is not possible, customers should enter the premises one at a time, and only when their order is ready to be made or collected

  • Collection times should be staggered to discourage crowding

  • Following the above steps should mean that queuing should not be necessary. However, a queue management system must be put in place to maintain a 2-metre distance between people if it cannot be avoided

If you require any further information related to managing social distancing at your premises please see:

You can contact Public Protection for further advice by using the following Food Safety Query form:

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