Camera of the Month - October 2019

Film testing a Pentax K1000 The Pentax K1000 is a 35mm SLR camera made between 1976 and 1997.

Over the years it earned itself a great following as a basic but sturdy workhorse. It is still very popular today with the student market as it is a completely manual camera and requires more expertise to use than some of the other 35mm SLR cameras available.

The K1000 is a nearly all metal construction manual focus camera, with manual exposure control. It will work without a battery, as this only activates the light meter.

Over three million K1000 cameras were sold new.

The Pentax K1000 still remains one of The Camera Shop's most popular 35mm cameras they sell and service.

Russell used this one with a 24mm wide angle lens and a roll of Fomapan black and white film for his walk around the Barbican and Hoe.

Call in and see The Camera Shop in New Street on the Barbican, or check out for their latest camera arrivals, photography projects and workshops.

Please enjoy the photos and Russell looks forward to seeing you for all your film photography needs.


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