Camera of the Month - September 2019

SoPerfect Images and The Camera Shop are pleased to share their Camera of the Month.

Film testing an Ensign 820 Selfix

This camera came into the shop recently from a customer who was selling his

dads camera collection. The camera came in, in excellent condition and was

still in its original box with its instructions.

In 1952 this camera was priced at £29 4s. A quick conversion makes this

about £827 in today’s money.

The Ensign 820 is a 1950’s medium format folding camera that can shoot

twelve 6x6cm or eight 6x9cm sized photos on 120 roll film.

Ensign produced some of the best medium format cameras, but by the end of

the 1950’s more people were using 35mm cameras and Ensign had not

moved with the times. They never made any 35mm cameras and by 1961 had

disappeared completely.

This is the first time this camera has been used in many years and everything

worked as it should. Russell used a roll of Ilford Delta 400 film and went for the

6x9cm sized photos

Call in and see The Camera Shop in New Street on the Barbican, or check out for their latest camera arrivals, photography projects and workshops.

Please enjoy the photos and Russell looks forward to seeing you for all your film photography needs.


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