We’re not wasters! Calling all Plymouth BID Businesses to join the food waste fight

Are you a food business in Plymouth? Do you regularly have to throw perfectly good food away - just because it didn't sell that day?

The two Plymouth BIDs are joining forces with Plymouth Food Waste Partnership and Too Good To Go to fight food waste and we’d love you to get involved!

Too Good To Go provides a free (and hassle free!) platform to sell your surplus food at the end of the day. After all, with the love, time and money you put into preparing your food, it makes no sense to throw it in the bin. And as food waste is a leading contributor to greenhouse gases, anything we can do to help has to be good, right?

Plus as a Too Good To Go partner, your business will be introduced to new customers and help you recover sunk costs. If you’re interested in joining the food waste revolution enter your details here and the team will be in touch right away.

Or email info@toogoodtogo.co.uk

Let's join together to make Plymouth food waste-free.

Thank you,

Plymouth Waterfront Partnership

"As a company Yo! is always looking for ways to reduce our food waste and Too Good To Go has been a fantastic way to help reduce waste not just for our Plymouth location but nationwide. We are proud to be partners with Too Good To Go and hope that the rest of Plymouth will follow suit!"

Yo! Plymouth


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