Plymouth City Council Support for Waterfront BID2 confirmed

Plymouth City Council has confirmed its support for Waterfront businesses to help regenerate Plymouth’s Waterfront, through the renewal of the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership’s (PWP) Business Improvement District (BID).

Councillor Glenn Jordan introduced the report and explained that as “Plymouth prepares for Mayflower 400 commemorations in 2020, PWP’s new BID would be well placed to be a key strategic partner in the design and delivery of the city’s ambitious plans.” The new BID Business Plan focuses on marketing, major events, signage and trails, all aligned with the city’s plans for Mayflower 400.

Waterfront BID2 will generate £1.545m of additional BID levy contributions across the five year term. It will include 877 BID levy payers, making it one of the UK’s largest BIDs, encompassing foru square miles of the city’s primary waterfront destinations

Chris Arscott, Chair of PWP, said: “Our overall vision is to establish Plymouth’s Waterfront as a major visitor destination in the South West, and a significant economic and community investment driver for Plymouth. Our objective is to improve business profitability across the Waterfront, in particular by improving the visitor experience, overnight stays and spend.

The BID2 Business Plan targets the following major strategic priorities:

1) Make the most of Mayflower 400 commemorations – in particular support for the Plymouth Marketing Plan, Destination Plymouth and, of course, events such as Plymouth Pirate Weekend, Plymouth Seafood Festival and Mayflower Illuminate.

2) Celebrate our Heritage – BID2 will support community engagement and aim to bring Plymouth’s extraordinary stories to life, in particular the Mayflower story, with trails (physical and digital) and signage linked to the new History Centre.

3) Increase connectivity across the Waterfront and with the City Centre – BID2 will deliver a more unified travel ticket and Waterlinks signage to entice visitors to spend longer experiencing our spectacular attractions.

4) Champion delivery of the Waterfront Masterplan – support the Council to promote the Waterfront and attract inward investment to physically re-connect the Waterfront with the City Centre and generally improve connectivity and access, both on land and across Plymouth Sound.

The Council confirmed its financial and other support for PWP’s Waterfront BID2 (2017-22) as well as a commitment to establish ‘baseline agreements’ for the Council’s existing services within the BID area.

Any business contributions through the BID that come from the private sector (BID levy totals circa £1,545,000) are effectively additional investment over and above the support made by the City Council which totals c.£2,920,000, plus targeted grant and other match funding totalling £5,991,000, over the five years. This brings the total projected value of the Waterfront BID to £10,456,000 over the five years.

Each person entitled to vote in the Waterfront BID ballot shall have one vote in respect of each hereditament in the geographical area of the Waterfront BID on which non-domestic rates are payable.

The ballot will have to meet two tests. First, a simple majority (above 50 per cent) of those voting must vote in favour. Second, those voting in favour must represent a majority of the aggregate rateable value of hereditaments voting.

The ballot papers will be forwarded to those ratepayers who are eligible to vote by 1 February and must be returned by 5pm on 1 March 2017.

Once a BID has been established all businesses contribute a BID levy based on the rateable value of their premises to ensure fairness and equity. BIDs have a maximum duration of five years, hence the need to renew the Waterfront BID at this stage.

The full draft version of the PWP Waterfront BID2 Business Plan (2017-2022) will be available at:

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