Consultation Now Closed!

On 13 September we launched the DRAFT Waterfront BID2 Business Plan.

We then shared the draft document and invited feedback through various channels - via email, via post and we successfully held three scheduled Consultation Workshops

Thank you to everyone who took the opportunity to help shape the FINAL Waterfront BID2 Business Plan and make sure we get it right!

We are now in the process of collating all the feedback we've received, to create the FINAL Waterfront BID2 Business Plan (2017-2022) ready for our Waterfront businesses to vote on.

Below is the timeline for the remainder of the BID Renewal Process:

Nov - Dec 2016

FINAL Waterfront BID2 Business Plan Creation

February 2017

28 Day Ballot of Waterfront Businesses

1 March 2017

Ballot Closes

1 April 2017

IF Businesses Vote YES, Waterfront BID2 Begins


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