Help Make Plymouth A Dementia Friendly City

There are lots of benefits to becoming dementia friendly in terms of bringing in more customers, for example, when the New Continental Hotel joined the Plymouth Dementia Action Alliance in early 2015 and set up the blog on their website, they had 8,000 hits within 2 weeks!

Also, all businesses that submit an action plan and join the alliance, receive formal recognition for the dementia friendly work that they plan to carry out in the form of certificates and window stickers that have the ‘working to become dementia friendly’ logo on them, that they can then display wherever they wish in their premises. This then identifies them to the public as being a business that has an understanding and awareness of the difficulties that those living with dementia can face and will be supportive in their approach.

The Dementia Friendly team are holding a city centre dementia awareness event on February the 24th (10am to 4pm) and all Waterfront businesses are invited to attend also.

They will have Plymouth Citybus’ ‘chatterbus’ parked on the Piazza and will have dementia awareness sessions running on it through the day (10-11am, 2-3pm, 3-4pm). Depending on the take-up and/or the weather conditions, they will also have sessions running in the meeting room in the Barclays on Armada Way.

There will be information stands in different locations e.g.

  • The Alzheimer’s Society and Carer’s hub will be in the Barclays, Armada Way

  • St Luke’s will be in Santander in Armada Way

  • The PCC Central library team and Thompson & Jackson Solicitors will be on the bus

  • Horizon Hypnotherapy & counselling and Tinnitus Support will be in Santander in New George Street.

Full details of the sessions can be found here.

Please follow this link to the Plymouth Dementia Action Alliance website.

For more information please contact Claire Puckey (Dementia Friendly City Co-ordinator)

Plymouth City Council

T +441752398922


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