Plymouth Gin celebrates heritage with new exhibition opening

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Offering visitors an insight into the world of gin, the exhibition tells the story of the birth of the world’s first promoted ‘dry gin’ and encourages visitors to discover why Plymouth Gin continues to be revered by gin enthusiasts and bartenders in the know worldwide.

Guests will also discover how the City of Plymouth played an important role in the history of gin. As one of the main British trading ports, Plymouth served as the access point for imported essential botanicals for gin production, including the integral gin botanical - juniper berries. As new exotic spices, fruits and teas made its way into Britain, a Plymouthian named Thomas Coates took inspiration from four corners of the world to create Plymouth Gin in 1793.

Plymouth Gin continues to be made according to the original artisanal method and recipe, which features seven distinctive botanicals – all showcased as part of a multisensory display at the exhibition. To this day, Plymouth Gin is produced at Black Friars Distillery, the historic site where the Pilgrim Fathers stayed the night before they set sail for the new world on the historic Mayflower Ship in 1620. Also on display are a collection of historic objects from the Plymouth Gin archive, as well as the original lease for the distillery from 1697.

Plymouth Gin Master Distiller, Sean Harrison said: “We are very pleased to present our exhibition ‘From Plymouth to the World – The Voyage of Plymouth Gin from Birth to Legend’ which speaks of our long heritage shared with the City of Plymouth. We are looking forward to welcoming visitors from around the UK and indeed the world as they explore this great city and discover why Plymouth Gin continues to inspire gin enthusiasts around the world.”

Chairman of Destination Plymouth, Duncan Currall said: “Plymouth Gin is an iconic brand for the city, which reflects not only its strong history but connects us to a bright future as well. It is consumed, known and celebrated by millions globally and continues to put Plymouth on the map for visitors across the world. We are delighted that the company is able to celebrate its roots and its strong partnership with the City through this unique exhibition.”

‘From Plymouth to the World – The Voyage of Plymouth Gin from Birth to Legend’ is free to visit and will run from 29th June to 31st October, before it tours around the world. Complete the Plymouth Gin experience by visiting Black Friars Distillery (Black Friars Distillery, 60 Southside Street, The Barbican, Plymouth PL1 2LQ), which is open seven days a week. Distillery tours can be booked at

Leaflets available at the exhibition will offer visitors up to 30% discounts for tours at the Plymouth distillery. Those who pick up a leaflet will also receive an exclusive 10% discount at The Barbican Kitchen*. The Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery (Drake Circus, Plymouth PL4 8AJ) is open Tuesdays to Fridays from 10:00am to 5:30pm and on Saturdays from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

To discover more about Plymouth Gin, visit


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