Almost 400 years ago the Mayflower carried the seed of a future world, the start of an enduring bond between the US and the UK. It is an epic tale which can put Plymouth into the global spotlight as an ocean city.


The 400th anniversary is a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase Plymouth to the world, to celebrate Plymouth’s world-class heritage and exciting future.


More visitors spending time and money in Plymouth, during 2020 but also in the run up and after 2020; more business investment into Plymouth because of greater awareness of the vibrant culture and arts scene; more tech business investment and partnership through global realisation of the marine and technology business opportunities here; more appeal and for our education and research centres through partnerships and profile.


Mayflower 400 provides a deadline for key city improvements to be implemented in time for 2020.


And Mayflower 400 is a great opportunity for Plymothians to celebrate Plymouth; to stage events on a global scale; to take part as a community in sports, volunteering and community activities; to come together to celebrate, have fun, and be proud to make 2020 our year in Plymouth.


If we all embrace Mayflower 400, and have ownership and really take part over the coming few years, then it is a great opportunity to be proud of what makes Plymouth and Plymothians great.

Charles Hackett, CEO - Mayflower 400 15.08.17 Presentation

Charles Hackett, CEO - Mayflower 400

Video of 15.08.17 event

Plymouth BIDs Mayflower 400 Workshops Held In October

The Plymouth Waterfront Partnership and Plymouth City Centre Company invited you to attend one of two workshops to find out more about the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower and what it means for Plymouth and its businesses.

These workshops were well attended and some great ideas and aspirations for how to #GetOnBoard2020 were discussed.


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Mayflower 400 Business Toolkit

Make a Difference for Mayflower 400 - Get involved

Get involved in one of the city’s ‘Make A Difference for Mayflower 400’ events.

Click here to find out more or to volunteer 

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