BID 3 - Consultation Stage 2

Business Plan 2022 – 2027


Plymouth Waterfront Partnership’s (PWP) Executive Team conducted a Stage 1 consultation process with our Levy Payers over 16 weeks during September to December 2020.


This process was undertaken so we can develop the NEW five year PWP Business Plan. PWP gave businesses, partner organisations and stakeholders the option to take part in this consultation via a wide range of methods including a light touch survey (Dec 2020), 1-2-1 Levy Payer meetings, Open Days, attending externally led Business Meetings, direct letter drop to all BID Levy Payers inviting them to take part and numerous direct emails to our contact database.


In total over 170 Businesses took part during Stage 1 which is approx. 18% of Levy Payers (15% is the agreed minimum standard for Stage 1 consultation in the BIDs Industry Standards). We appreciate how much time people have taken as it has given us the information we need to develop a fully rounded ambitious Business Plan.


Stage 2 will now give you the option to look at the main themes and possible projects that are in discussion and gives you another chance to feedback information and views into the development process.


You have until the 5th March 2021 to feedback any more thoughts into the process
and if you think we have missed anything please let us know.

The information from all stages will be used to finalise the BID Business Plan, which will be formally released later in the year.

Diane Mansell, Chief Executive Officer - Plymouth Waterfront Partnership
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BID3 Rule Changes

During the consultation so far, it has become apparent that tweaks needed to be made to the Rules which govern the BID. To do this
we have taken into consideration the British BIDs Industry Criteria and guidance notes from 2019.

There are a few proposed changes to the current BID rules including the introduction of a Basic Level Membership (Rule 5) and the
removal of the inflationary rate increase each year (Rule 2). Rule 5 will move approx. 400 current Levy Paying businesses into the new
category which will remove voting rights at the ballot, remove the need for those businesses to pay a BID Levy but they will still receive
a very basic level of service as they will still operate from within the BID area. Please see the full revised Business Improvement District
Rules below which if adopted at ballot would come into effect on the 1st April 2022 until 31st March 2027.


  1. The Levy rate to be paid by each hereditament (rateable premise) will be calculated at 1.7% of its rateable value as at the ballot date, using the 2017 non-domestic ratings list throughout the BIDs third term. The exception to this will be any change of use or physical change to a property including new construction, merger, subdivision extensions or refurbishment where the hereditament has no entry in the 2017 list.

  2. No inflation rate will be applied to the BID Levy during the BID term.

  3. The BID term lasts for 5 years and is from April 1st 2022 to March 31st 2027.

  4. All new hereditaments entering the rating list after April 1st 2022 will be levied at 1.7% of the prevailing list.

  5. Businesses with a rateable value of £7,000 or less will be exempt from paying the BID Levy, will not receive a BID Ballot Vote and
    will be classed as a Basic member of Plymouth Waterfront Partnership BID.

  6. There is no void property discount for untenanted, empty or under refurbishment properties. Under these circumstances the
    property owner will become liable for the BID Levy and are entitled to vote at the ballot.

  7. The rating list will be updated for any changes in additions or removals based on the 2017 non-domestic ratings list as at the
    ballot date.

  8. The BID Levy will not be affected by the governments Small Business Rates Relief Schemes.

  9. Charities and Not For Profit organisations will be liable to pay full Levy.

  10. If a business ratepayer occupies a business for less than one year, the amount of BID Levy payable will be calculated on the
    number of days they occupy the property, known as “daily charging”.

  11. Under BID regulations, the BID Levy will be collected annually on the 1st April each financial year. These arrangements will
    be formalised in an Operating Agreement signed by both the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership Ltd and Plymouth City Council.
    Plymouth City Council do not charge a fee for BID Levy collections and will reimburse BID Levy to Plymouth Waterfront
    Partnership Ltd.

  12. The following exemptions will apply: Places of Worship, commercial car spaces that are rated separately, telephone masts, ATMMachines, advertising poster sites, promotional spaces, concessions, on-street traders and kiosks that do not pay business rates.

The Developing Vision for the NEW Business Plan is:

“Creating the Plymouth Waterfront of Tomorrow, Today!”

Securing economic prosperity the BID will build upon its successes while incorporating new themes into the Business Plan in direct response to the consultation with our members.

After listening and analysing the results, we have decided that the proposed Plymouth Waterfront Partnership 2022-2027 Programmes and projects will be defined under the following four themes

Business Voice

Plymouth Waterfront Partnership gives our members a collective voice, knitting together our diverse local business community.

Advocating for the entire Waterfront, representing our members on key issues affecting the City and regional economy. Our knowledgeable and well connected team means that we can provide our members with the latest insight and intelligence, through our national and regional networks, helping businesses to navigate the complex and ever changing legislative and economic environment while lobbying the government for long-term change on issues that affect our businesses.

PWP is an advocate for over 900 members (in 2022 – 2027 approx. 500 Voting Levy Payers and 400 Basic Level Members)

Our aim is to promote, guide and support the development of the Waterfront. Below are some of the possible ways we can do this:


  • Business Savings Programme – Offering member discounts and access to the SMARTA savings scheme

  • Business Liaison Manager – Giving businesses Information, Advice and Guidance including direct access to all our projects,
    events and marketing

  • Covid response – Supporting the revitalisation of the BIDs hospitality and tourism sector following Covid-19 pandemic will be a
    top priority in the early years of our third term, by setting a clear path for renewal of the area and being there every step of the way
    as our members continue with their recovery.

  • Community Support Programme – Offering companies volunteering opportunities within the local community

  • Independent Waterfront – Direct and targeted support for our many independent businesses

  • Free and discounted training opportunities for all of our members including HR, Events, Social Media, Websites, Food
    Hygiene, Personal Licence etc.

Environmental Excellence

Our Environment makes the Waterfront of the most attractive places to live, work and spend your leisure time. PWP wants the Waterfront to gain recognition for our amazing environment while working closely with our business to make it even better.

  • Continued delivery of the Ambassador Programme deliverying a 5 days a week service to all of our businesses.

  • Plymouth Waterfront in Bloom working towards becoming nationally accredited

  • Lead the Waterfront entry's into the Keep Britain Tidy Awards, Inc. Blue Flag, Mariner and Seaside Awards

  • Deliverying better Wayfinding and Signage improvements across the whole of the Waterfront

  • Waterfront Lighting project delivering a year round lighting display across the Hoe Foreshore leading into Sutton Harbour. Developement of a set of pledges to deliver a commitment to the environment sustainability of the Waterfront.

  • Four key themes have been identified under environmental mangement

    • Blodlversity - The protection and improvement of the Waterfronts wildlife and habitats plays an important role in overall sustainability and ability to attract tourists; a role which will be promoted through the Waterfront in Bloom competition and associated activities.​

    • Plastics - in 2018 Plymouth's waterfront became the first citywide and biggest recipient of the Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Communities accreditation; promoting the City's Plan for Plastic and the local Plastic Free campaign. PWP reconises the need to tackle the impact of items already discarded and to work progressively to ensure that no further pollution occurs.

    • Tackling Climate Change - PWP members will be offered free training and guidance to encourage them to do whatever they can to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their emissions.

    • Waste, Recycling and Street Scene - BID members will be encouraged to limit the impact of litter, fly-tipping and improper waste management in the Waterfront area.

Vibrant Tourist Attraction

Plymouth Waterfront is a vibrant leisure and cultural hub with a huge economic impact to the City of Plymouth. The BID will work closely with our hospitality businesses to set a clear path for the continued revival and growth of the area following the Covid-19 pandemic. Utilising the historic significance to the regional economy we intend to work with our partner agencies to raise the profile of the Waterfront so we can continue to draw tourism in from local, regional and national promotion of the area.


  • Destination Plymouth and Conference Plymouth – Continue to give financial support to both Destination Plymouth and Conference Plymouth so they can continue to deliver the wonderful work they do on regional and national marketing campaigns. Working with national partners, a whole range of cruise and travel agencies and large conference providers to keep Plymouth high on peoples travel agendas. We have also introduced a Basic Level Membership for businesses with a Rateable Value of £7000 or less so they still benefit from being part of this amazing opportunity.

  • Events – The BID will continue to develop and promote high-impact events to drive significant footfall to the area. Events are a major visitor attraction for local, domestic and international audiences. PWP wants to continue to fully deliver Plymouth Pirates Weekend, Plymouth Seafood/Harbour Festival and Barbican Christmas Extravaganza.

  • New event in development is a Cocktail / Wine Weekender – linked to Valentines to encourage hotel stays in the early part of the season

  • Waterfront Culture – working closely with Plymouth Culture’s 2021-2030 Cultural Strategy PWP will make sure our businesses benefit from:

    • Delivery of the Waterfront Performance Space Programme working with the cultural sector to give quality entertainers access to five entertainment zones across the Waterfront similar to the South Bank in London.

    • The Box – giving our businesses the benefits of this amazing establishment linking The Box and the Waterfront

    • Using our most famous and newly installed statue Look II – Anthony Gormley PWP will promote the high quality and freelyassessable public art within the landscape of the Waterfront to attract tourists from far and wide.

  • Waterfront Night Time Economy

  • Support Best Bar None (BBN) to allow all of our businesses to gain free accreditation – BBN is a Home Office supported scheme led by the Night Time Economy in partnership with Devon & Cornwall Police licensing, Plymouth City Council licensing, Devon and Somerset Fire Service, Pub Watch & PARC. It sets out to improve standards in licensed premises through promoting responsible alcohol consumption and higher professional licensing standards in pubs, bars, clubs, entertainment venues & hotels.

  • Offering free and subsidised training to our Night Time Economy businesses

  • Continue to support Pub Watch

  • Continue to deliver the Taxi Marshal scheme based on the Barbican on Friday, Saturday and Bank Holiday weekend evenings

  • Development of a Restaurant Accreditation highlighting “Fishing to Fork” locally caught and sourced fish.

  • Continue to deliver support for Purple Flag Accreditation

  • Development of a Pub Trail on the Plymouth Walking App giving us the ability to market all of our wonderful and historic public houses.

Transformational - Creating the Waterfront of Tomorrow, Today

Plymouth Waterfront Visitor Plan 2020 – 2030


  • Blue Green City – Ocean Playground

    • Our aim is to build on our Waterfront assets by providing access all year round for activities by, on, in and under the
      water. Specifically supporting the Hoe Foreshore


  • Blue Green City – UK’s first National Marine Park

    • Our aim is to work alongside Plymouth City Council and other National Marine Park Partners to develop access and
      environmental quality of the Hoe Foreshore and Lido Development


  • Brilliant Culture and Heritage – Après Sea

    • Grow our evening, musical and cultural events and assets from grass roots to larger venues to build a distinctive day andnight time offer which reflects the Britain’s Ocean City Après Sea

Waterfront Masterplan 2017



  • Sights and Sounds – PWP will utilise and develop all of our programmes to support the promotion of the Sound in its broadestsense as the unique, defining and unifying element at the centre of the city.

  • A Working Waterfront – PWP will use the technologically advanced assets that are in abundance across our Waterfront topromote Plymouth Waterfront as a place to not only spend your leisure time but also as a place to do business.

  • Improving The Waterfront Experience – PWP will design all of our programmes and work closely with our partners toimprove the quality of place, increase activity and enhance resident and visitor experience of the Waterfront.

  • ​​Connecting Waterfront Neighbourhoods

    • Working with both land and sea travel providers to make it easier for people to get in and out of the Waterfront

    • Walking – Celebrating our Waterfront Heritage by continuing to promote and develop walking routes and the Plymouth
      Walking Trail app

    • Developing the cycling culture and the opportunities this brings

  • A World Class Waterfront – PWP wants to work with our Levy Payers and partners to ensure that any interventions in theWaterfront are driven by the quality. Giving us the ability to not only showcase the Waterfront on a local and regional level but also ensure we are capable of standing proudly on the World's stage.


BID3 Area Alteration

The BID area as seen in the map below will have two small tweaks.
This includes the inclusion of Drakes Island and the exclusion of a small part of Union Street.

Waterfront BID3 Boundary Map.jpg

Feedback by 5th March 2021

You have until the 5th March 2021 to feedback any more thoughts into this process.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss any aspect of the Consultation and many thanks to those businesses that will take the time to take part to help shape the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership Business Plan.



Diane Mansell
Chief Executive Officer
Plymouth Waterfront Partnership
Tel: +441752305231 Tel: +447966717144