A word from the Chairman

“We are delighted to introduce a proposal for Waterfront BID2 (2017-2022) which aims to consolidate the progress that has been made since the creation of the first Waterfront BID in 2012.

We will continue the two-tier board structure, providing both Strategic and Operational focus, and we will enhance and strengthen your ownership of the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership BID and give you a more direct voice on the quality of service delivery. We will ensure a more cohesive Waterfront business community, seek greater benefit from events across all areas of the Waterfront and enable more organisations to use the spaces and place to help drive footfall beyond the spikes of event weekends.

Building on Waterfront BID1 we will strive to champion the strategic goals of the Waterfront Masterplan, secure additional investment from outside the city and promote the city’s new cruise terminal. We won’t forget the basics and will continue to enhance the entire Waterfront BID area through more cleansing, flowers and coastal planting schemes.

Only by voting YES for this Business Plan can we ensure that Plymouth’s Waterfront is successful.”

Chris Arscott, Chairman, Plymouth Waterfront Partnership